Critical Missions

Mushroom beer coma

Loki downed his forth mushroom beer, this was truly excellent stuff, the world adopted that incorporeal fuzziness that he only felt just before charging into battle, after two hours in the smoke tents only barbarians are allowed to enter. Now was that allowed to enter, or wanted to enter, right now it didn’t seem to matter too much…

As his mind wandered, he looked up, the roof of the bar had become painted with mountains, nice work, very realistic, snow and flowing rivers, beasts running over the foothills. The animation drew him further in, but although the bar had not felt large, the mountains seemed so far away. Sighing Loki looks down and the floor has become a sea, lapping round his ankles. Concerns over who was going to clean this up briefly crossed his mind, but quickly vanished as the water surface hardened! His reflection could now be seen, no, not his, but so close, a face he had not seen for a long time, eyes long since eaten by the crows.

The figure climbed out from the other side of the mirror and stared at Loki with accusing eyes. Loki reached forward to push the figure away, but his hands were now blade and unwittingly severed the head of the other Orc… It did not fall and the head sat askew still staring at Loki. The face changed, becoming like Loki’s, only then did the head fall from the shoulders and the murdered figure collapse, the mirror melted, sucking both orcs, live and dead beneath its surface.


Just when I though Loki couldn’t be any more disturbing.

Mushroom beer coma

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