Critical Missions

Session of the 20th of September

When the party return to the ship they find that a smaller number of the crew but a larger number of the ship’s goblin stowaways have returned to town for the evening’s revels in Eric’s hall. Teine retires to his cabin to meditate while Loki follows the goblins into town to party. Lyssia looks for cressa and failing to find her on the ship she enquires of Fidjit and Aesha whether they have seen her and tells them some of her concerns over the girl’s behaviour. Overhearing the conversation Alv decides to investigate and proceeds to break into the girl’s cabin. Aesha has a similar idea and comes upon the goblin just as he is letting himself in and they both begin to search the room.

They find little of interest although Alv turns up a locked drawer built into the frame of Cressa’s bed. Trying to detect any magical items Aesha can see a strong magical aura emanating from the drawer and can discern something of its nature. Alv decides to prepare a way to get in to the cabin besides the door, he begins to cut out a small hole through the floor under Cressa’s bed to the cabin below.

Breaking from his meditations Teine asks Fidjit whether in her travels about the ship she has seen a large sword. The gnome recalls having seen just such an item in the Captain’s quarters. Teine heads out onto the main deck and tries to glean more information from Drust’s father’s diary, but gets little that he didn’t already know apart from a few snatches describing the cities in the lands to the west.

Lyssia seeks out Fidjit to try and find out more about the barrels she found on ’ The Albatross’ with the preserved elves in. Fidjit can’t think of any particular features that would mark the barrels out so Lyssia retires to her cabin to contemplate her god/icon.

In the moot hall Loki heads straight for the mushroom beer and has a brief but potent flashback to his psychedelic journey of the previous day. Spying the crowd of goblins over by Eric’s companion Loki heads over to join them. He tries to strike up a conversation with Eric’s companion but although she seems perfectly amenable she remains silent, merely nodding or shaking her head in response to enquiries. Loki gets the feeling that she is studying him closely, in a way that feels strangely familiar. Hoping to liven up the place Loki buys a roast chicken from ‘Mad’ Hettie and starts singing an old Orcish drinking song. As he begins a few of the locals join in for the first few bars before recollecting themselves, Loki continues on for 17 more verses.

Having managed to make a hatch though to the deck below Alv discovers that it opens into the cabin of one of the noble contingent. He and Aesha discuss possible ways to drive the noble away so they will have free rein to stage forays into Cressa’s cabin from below. Aesha suggests that they convince the man that his cabin is haunted. Aesha heads back out to make her way down to the cabin below. Alv relocks the door behind Aesha and heads down the newly made goblinhole.

Inspired by her earlier conversation Fidjit goes looking for the barrels containing the elves. She fails to find them in the hold but continuing through the ship she comes upon a powder store and two cannon. Although the lids appear to have been changed Fidjit can identify the elf barrels, she returns to tell Teine of her discovery.

Teine goes to ask Banning if he can study the magical sword from her cabin. The Captain is reluctant at first but soon agrees if only to get Teine and the talking sword out of her cabin. She makes it clear that she has no desire to hear about anything they discover on the island. Teine stows the sword in his cabin along with his other magical items.

In the hall Loki’s song has very dangerously into the autobiographical but luckily by this point hardly anyone is listening. Realising his lack of an audience Loki returns to the ship, on his way he encounters Lyssia and Teine who are just setting out for a short evening walk around the town.

Back on the ship Alv has managed to crawl through his hatch to the cabin below; unfortunately Alv cannot unlock the noble’s door. Making her way down the stairs Aesha can hear the goblin scrabbling away at the other side of the door. Alv suggests that Aesha could find the noble to let her into the room. Aesha agrees and tells Alv to try and think of a way to convince the noble that his room is haunted. Sadly Alv’s idea of ghostly behaviour involves property damage and putting the contents of the noble’s bedpan into his boots. Using the nobleman’s possessions he makes a distinctly disturbing diorama to greet the noble when he enters.

As Aesha reaches the main deck she finds many of the nobles, including Cressa and her ‘friend’, along with the other crew returning from Eric’s party. Cressa’s noble ‘friend’ looks rather pale and drawn, to Fidjet he seems to be in a state similar to that of Quadraturin’s Thane, though less advanced.

As Alv hears a key scraping in the lock of the cabin’s door he dives under the bed. The noble stumbles through the door and collapses onto the bed. With a flick he kicks off a boot which bounces off a wall and flies under the bed, narrowly missing Alv. The other boot flies off and knocks over the excrement filled boot which Alv placed in the centre of the floor. Smelling, hearing and seeing the foul contents spill over the cabin floor the noble suddenly take in the state of his room and only one possible cause comes to his mind, ‘Goblins!!!!’. Roaring in rage the man searches high and low in case the perpetrator is still in the cabin. Alv somehow manages to evade the search, always staying just out of the man’s reach and making his way unnoticed to the door. Once he is safely out the door Alv uses some of his magic to try and convince the noble that the room is haunted, but only seems to make him sure he is looking for a goblin that uses magic.

Fidjet and Aesha follow Cressa and her companion back to the noble’s cabin. Listening at the door Fidjit can make out the low sounds of conversation, but not what is being said.

In town Loki, Teine and Lyssia have reached the moot hall. The other have been showing Loki the primitive cairn/ statues and telling him about the other things they encountered while he was on his trip. Behind the meeting hall they come upon another cairn, representing a humanoid figure, in front of a cave. Assuming that humanoid is safer than wolf they head into the cave to explore, despite Lyssia expressing some misgivings.

The cave mouth lead into a rock cavern with the walls lined with somewhat roughly produced household items and cooking implements, further back they find bookshelves filled with a collection of different manuscripts in a wide variety of different languages. All the items in the cave appear dusty, as if they haven’t been used in a long time. Farther still they find some weapons of goblinoid manufacture including a large spear and several fragments of dark glassy rock which Teine believes may have been used for tattooing. As they go further in the cave begins to climb steeply and after only a little while they reached the plateau atop the glacier. Across the snowy stretch in front of them were several massive yurts. Given the prevailing linguistic trends of the island’s natives Teine suggests that Loki speak to them in goblinoid.

On the ship Alv runs into Aesha and Fidjit listening at Cressa’s companion’s cabin door. They decide to lower the goblin down on a rope to look in the cabin’s porthole. Reaching the porthole the goblin can see little but the noble’s back. Pressing his ear beside the porthole he can make out the conversation, it seems to be little more than idle inane chit-chit, more bizarrely it seems that the girl isn’t actually saying anything at all. Moving round he manages to spy Cressa, the girl is simply sitting staring at the noble, saying nothing as he chatters to himself. When Alv relays this to Fidjet and Aesha they decide that maybe Lyssia was right about there being something odd with the girl. They discuss how to break the spell on the noble. Aesha decides to try and redirect the noble whose cabin Alv defiled to break into Cressa’s companions cabin. The halfling goes to the cabin and informs the nobel that the goblin he was looking for is even now in one of his comrades’ cabins. Stopping only to pick up a battleaxe the noble follows Aesha to the cabin.

Up on the plateau Loki hails the camp, after a short while a well covered figure comes out of one of the tents, he is quite reasonably sized considering the hugeness of the tents. Loki and the covered figure have a short but polite discussion in goblinoid with Loki agreeing to leave when he is informed that the plateau is a holy site. He informs his companions that they need to leave and that the figure threatened to put Lyssia’s head on a spear.

Just as the axe wielding noble arrived at the cabin Fidjit jimmied the lock, allowing him to burst in unimpeded. As soon as he saw the wild eyed axe wielder Cressa’s companion threw himself across the cabin and tried to wrest the axe from the other man. Cressa seems entirely unperturbed and surveys the ongoing struggle dispassionately. Fidjet throws a stone at the girl to try and break her concentration, but instead the girl snatches the stone out of the air and turns a cold baleful stare on the gnome. Ellarane tried to drag the men apart by grabbing hold of the axe wielder. Aesha casts grease sending both men tumbling to the floor. Apologising profusely for the disturbance Aesha and Ellarane drag the noble from the cabin leaving Cressa and her companion to it. As the cabin door closes the eye contact between Fidjit and Cressa is broken and the gnome seems to come round from some horrible fugue state. Whenever she closes her eyes the gnome seems to see horrible suggestive glimpses of scuttling things.

Alv meanwhile has been trying to get back up into Cressa’s room through the whole, though with a stunning lack of success due to the height of the ceiling. As he goes to find the others to get some help the enraged noble catches sight of him and gives chase, axe raised once more. After an invigorating chase round the ship Alv manages to give the noble the slip.

Coming back out of the cave system at ground level Loki insists they they go straight to Eric’s moot hall. Entering the hall the Orc goes straight to Erik’s companion and addresses her in goblinoid, she says that she acts as the ambassador for the original people of the island although they use the title Algorosh. She tells Loki more about the ‘First People’ who inhabit the island. Since the darkness was closing in when they left the cave Lyssia suggests they stay the night in the hall. Lyssia and Loki discuss comparative approaches to tourism and the need for clear and well defined signage denoting areas not to be entered on religious grounds or because of the presence of giant wolves.

On board the ship Fidjit and Aesha decide that they need to get the others to help them with the situation with Cressa. They set off on Ellarane’s back to the moot hall, followed at a discreet distance by Alv. As they head into town the light is suddenly blocked out by a looming shape the size of a house. Sent into a panic Ellarane dashes through the town towards the hall. With the ‘benefit’ of her low-light vision Fidjit can see dreadful things looming in the dark. Reaching the hall they burst through the doors and Fidjit starts babbling about the things she saw in the dark, a deathly hush falls over the hall and Loki tries to distract the gnome and calm her nerves with beer.

Alv following behind on foot bumps into what seems to be a huge pillar, but a little investigation reveals it to be a furry leg with an enormous hoof on the end. Looking up the little goblin sees a gigantic arm reaching for him and pelts off at top speed to the hall. As with the others he bursts in through the doors, but unlike Fidjit he leaps onto a low stage and begins to perform an execrable rendition of a goblinoid song, perhaps simply to take his mind off what he saw. The dreadful performance serves to break the chilly atmosphere that had been developing and the party starts up again, albeit a little subdued.

As the evening wears on Loki is hard pressed to prevent Fidjit and Alv from discussing whatever it is they saw in the streets of Icevarr. He takes Alv to see the Algorash who manages to calm him down. When Aesha tells the prty members who had been exploring the island of what they witnessed between Cressa and her companion Loki asks for a whetstone to sharpen his axe, he reassures the Algorash that he only plans to execute someone from their own ship. The party turn in for the night.

The next morning the Algorash thanks Loki for his understanding of the situation of the people on Icevarr. Eric offers to accompany the party back to their ship and as they go they discuss how much they have enjoyed seeing Icevarr. Fidjit is very uneasy on the short trip and seems hard pressed to decide if she is more scared of the town or the ship. Eric asks that they tell people good things of Icevarr, Lyssia assure him she will and says how sorry she was not to get a proper view from the top of the glacier. Eric offers to set up a tour immediately but Lyssia demurs. Lyssia then says how impressed she was by the island’s giant two headed wolves, after this Eric returns briskly into town.

Alv and Fidjit discuss the horrible things that they saw in the streets of Icevarr.

The party visit Banning to try and convince her that Cressa is a danger to the ship and its crew. Banning points out that Cressa represents what little legitimate claim they have to ‘The White Mare’ and states that without clear evidence against her she won’t cause trouble for the girl.

Loki goes to see Fidjt and discuss exactly what she saw in the streets.

Alv tries to sneak into Cressa’s room but fails to anticipate that Cressa is already there in bed. The girl wakes up ad demands to know what he is doing there and that he leave at once. Having little choice Alv leaves. Having failed to search Cressa’s room the little goblin instead heads to her companion’s cabin. The man himself is absent but in the cabin Alv finds a rather disturbing looking doll which he makes off with.



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