Critical Missions

Session of the 4th of October

Teine retires to his cabin to study the doll that Alv obtained from Cressa’s nobleman friend. Studying it he concludes that it is a focus of powerful dark magic. Just as he is about to try and tap into the dolls magical power the door bursts open and the goblin hexer, leader of the dark cult, steps in and puts out her hand in a demanding manner. Not wanting a fight Teine hands over the doll and the goblin vanishes back off into the depths of the ship.

Loki meanwhile is looking for someone with legal knowledge who will help him develop a pretext for killing Cressa.

Fidjit wakes up and after a brief second of blessed forgetfulness the horrible memories of all she saw the day before comes crashing back on top of her. She starts packing some essential stores into one of the ships lifeboats.

Lyssia and Teine visit Banning to find out when the ship is to depart. The Captain they will leave as soon as they have taken on some new crew from Icevarr that Eric has asked them to take onboard.

Retiring back to his cabin once more Teine starts up a conversation with the talking sword Lori. They discuss the ships current trip to the west and the sword tells Teine something of its past history.

Lyssia sets up on the main deck, ready to cast an eye over the new crew members as they embark. They seem to be ahandful of petty criminals and 3 older people with what the perty has come to recognise as the ‘Icevarr look’. As she is watching the new arrivals Lyssia spies Cressa’s companion looking very gaunt and unwell. Following him the Paladin offers to help heal the man, he seems rather unwilling and appears somewhat cautious of Lyssia. With what passes for gentle persuasion from Lyssia, essentially and unnecessarily honest glimpse into her ongoing thought process, the noble accedes and Lyssia uses her laying on of hands to restore some of his vitality and remove the pall of fatigue that is weighing him down. The noble seems substantially improved as Lyssia bids him farewell.

Fidjit has also noticed those with’the look’ who have come on board the ship. Between trying to avoid the Icevarr natives and trying to avoid Cressa Fidjit is having to spent a lot of time hiding out of sight.

Finding no help among the human crew Loki decides to track down the goblins as allies against Cressa. Following a trail of cheese crumbs he manages to trace them to one of the bilges. He finds the goblins have turned it into a dark temple to their gods. He recognise the gods of fear and destruction but also sees another shrine he doesn’t recognise, thought the pictograms around it suggest ill fortune. Loki tries to convince the goblin hexer that Cressa represents a threat to her and her tribe. She says nothing will stop her when she summons her avatar of misfortune. Loki bluffs that Cressa has defeat the other magic users on the ship. The hexer says Loki should come and talk to her again when the moon has gone.

Up on the main deck Teine is spending some time listening to fragments of entries from Drust’s father’s diary.

Loki visits Cressa and tries to encourage her to recruit the goblins from below decks to use as an army to set up a new nation when they reach the western lands. Cressa is somewhat bemused by the suggestion.

In the night Lyssia is somewhat predictably attacked by zombies. For a bit of variety her attackers this time are a goblin and a grotesquely disjointed elf. She is woken by the elf’s hands closing around her throat. Summoning the power of her god she bunches her fist and punches the zombie full in the face. Staggered by the positive energy behind the blow the zombie is knocked backed. Lyssia, having learned something at least from her previous zombie encounter, has been wearing her armour. Fighting through her fatigue from the less than restful sleep she stands up and grabs her scimitar from beside the bed. As the zombie elf shambles forward and begins to throttle her the dead goblin slips in beside it and strikes her with a billy club smashing into her side. Ignoring the dessicated hands around her neck Lyssia heals herself and the renewed energy allows her to keep hacking at the zombies. Despite continued choking Lyssia manages to defeat the undead elf, who vanishes in a flash of light. As she turns to the other zombie other members of the party arrive in her doorway and between an arcane bolt from Teine and a mighty axe blow from Loki the goblin is cut in two.

The rest of the party are sceptical of Lyssia’s claim about the zombie elf. At Lyssia’s insistence Fidjit leads them down to the powder store where she had found the elf barrels. They find one of the barrels with its lid missing, apparently forced open from the inside. Deciding that enough is enough Teine takes the head of an elf from one of the other barrels and heads off to confront Banning.

Loki meanwhile has taken half of the zombie goblin from Lyssia’s cabin and headed back down to the goblins in the hold. The large goblins guarding the entry to the bilges recognise Loki and let him past, even though it is somewhat earlier than they expected to see him. Somewhat lacking in finesse he brandishes the bisected goblin to the hexer. To his surprise she accuses him of murdering the goblin, Despite his most diplomatic efforts the hexer is about to order her troops, including some mysterious hobgoblins, to attack him. A last ditch attempt at reason calms her slightly and instead she suggests that if Loki can convince Alv, as a neutral party, that Cressa is acting against the cult then she will consider taking actions against the small female human.

Teine knocks on Banning’s door and the Captain lets the party into her cabin rapidly when he brandishes the severed head in front of her. With a sight Banning decides she has to tell the party a little bit of the tribulations that the crew of ‘The White Mare’ and ‘The Albatross’ have suffered before many of the current party joined. She tells them of dark and shadowy forces that have sent assassins to stop them and of how they have been storing the elf body parts as evidence to substantiate their story to authorities if they need to.

After Banning’s dark tale Lyssia recounts her most recent encounter with the undead including the fact that both attacks have followed her healing a sick person closely associated with Cressa. Banning is still unconvinced that a young girl is some sort of powerful necromancer, although she did witness the zombie exodus from the sea when they left Quadraturin.

Banning suggests an experiment by which Lyssia heals the next sick person associated with Cressa to see if it provokes another zombie attack. At that point Loki arrives and mentions the dark cult the goblins have set up and their leader. Banning is very disturbed by the news, apparently having failed to appreciate how bad the ship’s goblin situation had become.

Deciding enough is enough Banning declares they will go to Cressa’s cabin to search for any sort of magical paraphernalia. After that, however the search turns out, they will head down to deal with the goblin cult.



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