Critical Missions

Summary of Session of the 26th of July

The fresh air seemed to do the Thane a world of good, ‘Monsieur Camembert’ suggested that perhaps the Thane should have a bench upon which he could sit to take the air every day. Lyssia warned Prizam and the Thane that she had not cured any systemic disease or curse afflicting the Thane, merely restored his body to a more normally functioning state. She confided to Prizam that Loki was not really a healer and ‘Fidget’ not his apprentice.

On the ship; Teine and Dargo cannot find Drust’s arm from which Teine wanted Dargo to copy the list of destinations. Tiring of the search Teine decides to head back into town to the market to pick up some supplies, pausing briefly to oversee the removal of his bench to the quayside.

Cressa and Gann make plans to leave as soon as possible. Gann heads off to the market to get some suitable materials for disguises. On his way to the market he encounters Teine, the Itani youth manages to restrain his contempt enough to get some advice from Quadraturin’s Lord Protector, as to the best place to get some furs and rugs. Gann picked up various items of women’s clothing and some cloth dyes.

Returning to the harbour Loki set about working out a way to get Teine’s bench up to the castle. Lyssia returned to the ship and retired to her cabin to meditate.

Returning from the Market Gann finds Cressa’s guard dead outside her room and her in a foetal position within. Gann quickly surveyed the scene, trying but failing to build a more detailed picture of what had occurred. This gruesome discovery prompted Gann to move things forward and take Cressa down to ‘The Albatross’ immediately. A few cosmetic changes and a large hooded cloak sufficed to hide Cressa’s identity as they made their way through the town.

Banning grudgingly lets Gann and his sister take up residence on the ship with Cressa in Drust’s recently vacated cabin and agrees to put a guard on the door. Gann seeks out Lyssia to help bring Cressa out of her fugue state. He is less than impressed by her suggested approach to bringing Cressa round, a brisk slap possibly followed by a cup of strong sweet tea, and asks Banning if there isn’t some other member of the crew with healing abilities. Banning takes Gann to see Fidget who is entirely absorbed in her task of carving Drust’s navigational charts and the accompanying celestial data into the wood of the ship’s castle.

Deciding that perhaps Lyssia is the lesser of two evils Gann returns to her and brings her with him to Cressa’s cabin. Unfotunately despite the door having been guarded Cressa has vanished, apparently through the cabin window. Lyssia and Gann proceed to search the ship to try and find Cressa. Gann finds her quite quickly down near the galley, she asks him to let her remain in hiding until the ship has left harbour.

Dargo has meanwhile been continuing his fruitless search for Drust Morrigan’s arm, but has reached the point where he decide to give up on it and instead visit one of the nearby harbour taverns.

Loki returns to the castle to arrange payment and transportation of the bench, deciding it is too much effort to haul it up to the castle by himself. He asks to speak to the ‘Thane’s man’ and is told that that would be the Lord Protector. A servant is sent off to find the Lord Protector but instead comes across the dead guard outside of Cressa’s room. A hue and cry is raised and the castle searched, both the Lord Protector and the Thane’s daughter have disappeared. The Rapidly reached conclusion is that for some reason the Lord Protector had slain Cressa’s guard and kidnapped the princess. Seeing a job vacancy becoming open Loki suggests that he himself would be suitable for the position of Lord Protector, the members of the Thane’s household he is talking to are somewhat confused at this as he was only that morning representing himself as a skilled healer. The castle’s staff are very dubious of this proposition. The quartermaster agrees to accompany Loki down to the Albatross to arrange for the transportation of the Thane’s new bench and they head dwon to the harbour with a small body of men.

Having tired of his drinking rather quickly given the weak state of Quadraturin’s ale Dargo starts a riot in the nearby tavern.

Gann does not tell Lyssia he has found Cressa but leaves her to continue searching. Talking to Captain Branning Gann reveals somewhat more of what is really going on, Branning is far from keen to have fugitives on her ship and they reach an agreement that Gann and Cressa will leave the ship, only to return when it is due to depart the following day. Gann decides that leaving Cressa in hiding will be good enough and makes to leave the ship. He is met on deck by Lyssia and Teine, who Lyssia had asked to help her search for the missing girl. Teine reveals to Lyssia that their new shipmate is the Lord Protector of Quadraturin, which she is very impressed by. Lyssia is somewhat taken aback however when Gann rather callously declares that he believes Cressa threw herself overboard and has almost certainly drowned. Gann then leaves the ship as Lyssia rushes to the gunwales to start searching the water close by the ship.

Having concluded his business with the Thane’s quartermaster Loki decides to make his way towards a tavern which seems to be hosting a particularly boisterous bar brawl. As he approaches the tavern he meets Dargo who is just on his way out. The two confer briefly and Loki once again volunteers to pretend to be a magic user. As the imposing orc strides into the tavern waving his arms and making guttural goblinoid utterances Dargo surreptitiously casts a bless spell on Loki and all the brawlers who came from ‘The Albatross’. After a short but violent bar brawl with much of the attention focussed on Loki who is called an ‘Orcish witch’, the town guard arrive and break up the fight. While many of the crew of ‘The Albatross’ are taken away to be locked up in the local constabulary cells to sleep off their drink Loki is arrested, charged with witchcraft and thrown into a cell in the castle.

Gann has found himself somewhere to hang out and keep a low profile, a brothel with which he has some previous passing acquaintance.

Having witnessed Loki and a fair portion of the crew being escorted from the harbour under guard Tiene and Lyssia search the ship for goblins to let them know of Loki’s predicament, hoping perhaps that they will be motivated to leave the ship to rescue him. They rather fortuitously find both the goblins and Drust’s missing arm. The goblins are performing some sort of dark ritual to transform the arm into a totem through which they can curse their enemies. As the goblins finish their ceremony Lyssia and Tiene explain Loki’s arrest and potential execution for witchcraft. Galvanised the goblins pick up the arm, now lashed to a long pole, and rush from the ship. Suddenly questioning the wisdom of her actions Lyssia and Teine give chase. As they pursue the goblins they encounter Dargo coming up the gangplank and with a cry of ‘Follow that arm!’ they all set off in hot pursuit.

Stuck in his cell in the castle Loki discusses Quadraturin’s attitude to witchcraft with his jailer and comes to realise that his jape may have some rather unfortunate consequences, both for his campaign to become the next Lord Protector and for his continued existence. He begins to think about a means of escape.

The Goblins rampaged through the town towards the castle. As the party members followed they saw the occasional guard approaching but the lead goblin would merely point the cursing arm at them and they would flee, frequently before the goblin had even had time to utter a curse. Lyssia was somewhat alarmed at the effectiveness of the goblins progress, she had though that they would soon be subdued by the town guards and no longer be a problem for the ship, but the town’s guards seemed completely unprepared to face the mystical threat they brought with them.

As they reached the castle Lyssia called out as the small goblin band approached, hoping to alert the castles occupants so they could ready themselves for defence. If anything her warning of goblin witches seemed to unnerve the few defenders they encountered even more as they scattered before the goblins. Very quickly they reached the jail in which Loki was ensconced, the jailer stood up to confront the goblins only to be cursed, the poor fellow fell reeling apparently blinded as soon as the bolt from the decaying arm hit him.

Lyssia looked on in mounting horror, and Teine with detached amusement, as her plan to get rid of the goblins unravelled with their successfully completing the jailbreak that [b]she[/b] had suggested to them. Within seconds the goblins had snatched the keys from the blinded guard and had Loki out of Jail cell. As the goblins rejoiced at their triumph Dargo managed to snatch up Drust’s arm and copy the list of destinations from it onto a convenient piece of parchment. Released from his cell Loki moved to give his previous captor a brief physical demonstration of his displeasure, Lyssia interposed himself between the orc and his erstwhile guard and tried appealing to Loki’s better nature suggesting that he should return to his cell to stand trial and defend himself since he is not in fact a witch. Loki was far from convinced by Lyssia’s argument and instead chose to high tail it out of the castle along with the goblins.

Lyssias and Teine decided that they should return to the ship lest anyone suspect them, with some merit, of orchestrating the breakout. Loki and the goblins parted ways, with the goblins returning to hide once more in the dark places of ‘The Albatross’. Loki meanwhile chose to seek sanctuary in a local church where the priest was in fact saintly, or mad, enough to grant it to him.

As the party return to the ship Loki tells them of the uproar at the castle and the story of how the Lord Protector killed kidnapped the Thane’s daughter and killed her guard. Upon reaching ‘The Albatross’ the party retire to their cabins, although Lyssia goes to apprise Branning of the fact that their new passenger seems to be a wanted murderer and may in fact have murdered the Thane’s daughter right on board the ship.

During the night Lyssia is woken by a peculiar noise, in her doorway she sees a dark looming figure. Grabbing up her scimitar from where it lies under her bolster she cast the coverlet from her bed into the figures path. While the figure was distracted freeing itself from the blanket Lyssia unleashed a vicious strike at its head. The blade cuts deep and the creature only manages a rather feeble attack before it is finally struck down by another blow. Other members of the crew enter the cabin to see what the ruckus is about. Banning is most upset at having what a cursory examination reveals to be a zombified member of the Thane’s guard on board ‘The Albatross’.

The party heads to the castle to alert the Thane and his troops that there are zombies wandering the town with the attacker’s severed head as evidence. Another zombie appears from a side alley and attacks Lyssia. This time the zombie manages to bite her and hang on, the bite temporarily paralyzes Lyssia and in the process of getting the undead creature off her the other party members do almost as much harm to Lyssia as to the zombie. Propping up the still partially paralysed paladin the party retreat back towards the ship rather than risking further attacks.

While all this has been going on the guards searching for the murderous Lord Protector have been going from building to building in the city to find him. They finally arrive at the brothel where he is hiding and demand to be let in to search the place. One of the girls warns Gann and he makes a speedy exit out of a window and heads off to ‘The Albatross’.

Reaching the ship Gann requests a meeting with Banning. Standing on deck they discuss the situation and Banning makes clear her displeasure with the position she has been placed in. In the midst of this discussion the rest of the party make it back on board. Still suffering temporary paralysis and blood loss Lyssia sees Gann, staggers forward to point at him and accuse him of murdering the Thane’s daughter. Just as Gann turns round to angrily deny the charge and defend his honour Lyssia collapses in a heap on the deck under the weight of her wounds and is taken off to her cabin.

Unable to leave on ‘The Albatross’ with repairs still needed, Banning suggests that they commandeer ‘The White Mare’ and depart immediately that they have moved crew and cargo across. She suggests that Loki try and talk the ships remaining goblin stowaways into harrying the crew of ‘The White Mare’. Banning, Gann and the others plan how they can break the remaining crew out of the town jail.



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