A half-elven paladin with a humour deficiency.


Lyssia had a relatively normal childhood for the first several years of her life. She lived with her mother, a minor member of the Lutetian nobility. Her father had been an elven scholar who had stayed with them only a short time before having declared he must remove himself from society to focus on his studies.

Soon after Lyssia’s 8th birthday her mother died of an incurable fever, even the town’s clerics were unable to do more than ameliorate her suffering. Rather than go to live with her mother’s relatives Lyssia put a few provisions in her backpack and went to find her father.

Although they had only visited her father once since he went into seclusion Lyssia was certain of the way and after several days of hard traveling found her father’s isolated home, a short three story stone round tower. Entering the tower and calling out the girl met with no response. Despite searching high and low Lyssia found no sign of her father’s continued occupancy, the tower was empty of furnishings or any sign of habitation.

Lyssia only found one thing in the tower. On the top floor she found a small dark stone object sitting in the middle of the circular room. The stone seemed to be some regular shape, perhaps a cube or an icosahedron, it was hard to count the exact number of sides for some reason. Sitting cross legged on the floor the girl studied the stone, making out some fine grooves covering the surface she held it up to the light and stared as intently as she could at the markings, as if the whole world suddenly had precessed and settled into a new equilibrium she found herself comprehending the scrollwork and from that moment her life changed irrevocably.


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